2010FD_01.jpg (301800 bytes)
  1: The Crew arrives for  Field Day 2010

2010FD_02.jpg (312488 bytes) 2: They get started quickly at the stroke of 11:00PDT or 18:00utc and it doesn’t take but a few hours to get the first antenna erected.

2010FD_03.jpg (308511 bytes) 3: The second tower follows in short order.

2010FD_04.jpg (341387 bytes) 4: Somebody says chow on!

2010FD_05.jpg (299359 bytes) 5: I hope some one decides to operate, oh yea it’s still set up day.

2010FD_06.jpg (315884 bytes) 6: More eating??? Is this the Hoodview Amateur Radio & Eating  Club?

2010FD_07.jpg (303505 bytes) 7: Hey, is 6 meters that’s booming in?

2010FD_08.jpg (263284 bytes) 8: N7QR and the Scouts in the GOTA Station

2010FD_09.jpg (355124 bytes) 9: KE7EQV and a group of Scouts work on a crystal radio project

2010FD_10.jpg (310705 bytes) 10: The GOTA station manned by Scouts was housed in the Club Tower Trailer.

2010FD_11.jpg (243182 bytes) 11: The 20 meter phone station is housed in a comfy, spacious, and heated Elk Camp Tent.

2010FD_12.jpg (398106 bytes) 12: Setting up for a satellite contact.

2010FD_13.jpg (297025 bytes) 13: N7ETA and the local US Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer.

2010FD_14.jpg (384886 bytes) 14: And the Flag waves proudly.

2010FD_15.jpg (210325 bytes) 15: As the begins sunsets.

2010FD_16.jpg (222862 bytes) 16: It provides a great view of snow capped Mt Hood.