HARC has the best repeater equipment in the Pacific Northwest!

Countless hours and expertise have been invested by Jim Schoch, KA7AGH, Joel Harrington, N7LF, John Barmore, W7SIR and others to make these two repeaters the absolute best. Specifically, we have a 2 meter and a 70 centimeter repeater setup with the antennas located on a 60 foot tower on Mt. Scott. Be listening for the voice announcements as well as the Wednesday evening net at 7:30pm on 147.28+

Repeater Frequencies

2 Meters :

Mt Scott :    147.28 + .6Mhz  CTCSS 167.9hz

Simplex :    147.48Mhz      or   147.52Mhz (HART Camping)


70 Centimeters :

Mt Scott:      443.475 + 5Mhz  CTCSS 167.9hz

Mt Hebo:      443.075 + 5Mhz CTCSS  167.9hz


All of our repeaters are open and everyone is welcome to use them. Anyone who enjoys using this equipment should think seriously about donating back some of your time to assist Jim in making this part of our club an outstanding and vital service to all. Check out the tower work and the pics!

WB7QIW – Club Net

Wednesdays at 7:30 PM on 147.28 repeater.


Net Control operators may download a blank log.


Net Control operators Script

*Net Control runs from one general meeting to the next general meeting.